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"My son, Jack, is a patient of Dr. Hansen’s. Jack needed a pallet spreader. We had had troubles with other types in the past.  Dr. Hansen attended a conference where he learned about a new mouthguard that worked as a pallet spreader (with ADHD benefits). He said he immediately thought of Jack! Jack having ADHD, is a chewer. Chews blankets, sleeves, necks of shirts, etc. The child has not slept through the night since he was born, and neither have I! The mouthguard lowers the pallet to open airways and breathe properly while sleeping. He was instructed to chew on it for about an hour during the day and wear at night. Within the first week, I called Dr. Hansen about in tears… Jack was sleeping through the night! Therefore, so was I! I find he wears it in waves.  The mouthguard has a lot of benefits, but for us, sleeping through the night makes for better moods, better school days, etc. which has made a mouthguard a great option.

Thanks to Dr. Hansen for his patience and persistence to find something that would work for my child… and the added bonus of getting to sleep myself!"

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